Meet Our Judges

for the round 3 of the competition (end of participation – December 31th)

Donatella Nicolini


Donatella Nicolini is an international award-winning photographer and speaker, known for her elegant, timeless portraits, featured and awarded worldwide. Over the last few years, she specialized in maternity portraits. Her style blends fashion with fine art photography, turning every woman into a work of art. Her mission is to empower women through the photo shoot experience, showing them how powerful and gorgeous they are, especially during pregnancy and motherhood.

Favorite image of her own work:

Tiffany Burke


Tiffany is a commercial and portrait photographer. She lives near Seattle, Washington and has been shooting since 2010. She loves maternity and boudoir, but mostly just loves people and the stories each image can tell. Tiffany has online workshops and does mentorships and has a huge passion for encouraging other artists as they grow!

Favorite image of her own work:

Natalie Houlding


Natalie began her journey as a photographer in 2010. Winning multiple awards, she specializes in fine art newborn and maternity photography. Her career has taken her (literally) around the world, starting in England before moving to Australia with her husband and two beautiful daughters. Natalie was one of the first to create digital backdrops for newborns and offers workshops in Australia as well as her home country of Israel. When she is not behind the camera, Natalie is a keen vegan food blogger and loves to play the drums.

Favorite image of her own work:

Emilie Castelain

France & Switzerland

Emilie is a photographer based between Annecy and Geneva (Switzerland), and specialized in pregnancy, newborn and baby since 2012. She likes to provide to her clients timeless and emotional images, of this particular moments in a family life. She offers online videos to photographers who want to improve their photography.

Favorite image of her own work:

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